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Email validation made easy

Fake email addresses are a big problem for busy web sites. Most form validation code merely look for a "@" and a "." in the email address. This is extremely inadequate. Databases get populated with bad email addresses, resulting in several important problems such as :
  • When you are sending a mass email to your site's membership, a large percentage of these emails get returned, wasting valuable bandwidth. Many people do not realize, but bandwidth is wasted doubly, since bad emails are sent, and then returned.
  • Many companies hire temporary workers to painstakingly remove these bad addresses. This is costly, both in terms of time and money. Additionally, this is a reactive solution.
  • Users who sign up with fake addresses get to view your content or use your software without providing proper contact information.

PatNorSoft EmailValidator is here for you

The PatNorSoft Email Validation is a true native 100% managed class that can be implememted for both Webform and Winform. It checks emails in 2 steps: first it checks if the email has a valid syntax and if the syntax is valid, then proceed's with a special DNS lookup to check the validity of the email addresses.

Cut fake email by 80%

Althought email validation can't be 100% foolproof, PatNorSoft Email Validation Component for .NET can cut off bad email addresses up to 80% in you database

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